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Artist's Statement

In the realm of art, I stand so tall,

Thomas F Carlos, spreading colors to all.

From San Jose, California's heart,

A native artist, playing my part.


From Navy Seabee, to draftsman true,

In Silicon Valley, my dreams grew.

Forty-five years, designing with glee,

Till retirement whispered, "Art, sets you free!"


Self-taught I am, with brushes in hand,

Creating wonders, since my childhood began.

With technical flair, my art does shine,

Imagination and vision, will truly combine.


Art is my joy, it sets my soul free,

Where fantasies dance, wild and carefree.

Emotions take shape, in colors and lines,

A language of visions, in artistic designs.


No copies for me, I'm a diverse soul,

Inspired by artists, who've reached their goal.

Landscapes, seascapes, creatures in flight,

My brush brings them alive, oh what a sight!


Childhood memories, of a magical place,

With ranches and creeks, it’s nature's embrace.

Now I wander the hills, seeking true inspiration,

For my art, a gift, a soul's celebration.


Commissions I pass, for my art is a voice,

 A spiritual path, is where I rejoice.

 Driven by love, my heart's pure desire,

Sharing my passion, sets my soul on fire.


When hearts find solace, in the strokes I make,

There’s a piece of my essence, in the things I create.

Beyond my time, on this earthly plain,

My art's legacy,  shall forever remain.

                                                                     - Tom Carlos

Art Corner:  1/27/2018

Tom Carlos - Mastering Digital Art

The Villages:  1/19/2018

Recently, The Villages retirement community in San Jose remodeled their clubhouse/restaurant.  They selected two of my landscape prints to adorn the interior.  See pages 1 and 3 of the Evergreen Times Article.

OCS-Magazine:  6/7/2016

Free Software - Artists And Their Tools:

Hey, I'm a somebody now!   Well… maybe just in the open source software world.  I was fortunate enough to have one of the editors (Paul Brown) from OCS-Mag (Open Content and Software Magazine) interview me and post an article on my artwork.  If you like it, please share it with your friends.  It would really help this struggling artist.

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